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sometimes, you forget how he's the fire of a thousand burning suns and the ice of a thousand freezing winters. sometimes, you forget or you choose to forget because to you, he is just cas. and this is how you will keep him for the rest of your life.

ahhhhhhh, i just wanna say how sorry i am that i haven’t been blogging, like at all, lately. my theme is currently unfinished and i haven’t posted anything is god knows how long and i really am not abandoning tumblr, i still love you guys and the site a lot but i’ve been incredibly busy lately between school, work, co-op, sports and my new found social life (who would’ve thought)?? last year, i basically spent all my time sleeping and on my laptop, and this year i’m trying really hard to get out of those habits. i’m exhausted 99% of the time and it’s super overwhelming sometimes but i’m starting to get outside of my comfort zone and i think this year is going to be really good for me. so THANK YOU if you’ve stuck around despite my inactivity and i will try my absolute best to finish my theme and set up a queue in the next week or so!! i love you all so much thank you thank you thank you



totally not my type | dont really like it | it’s ok | pretty good | i started downloading it 2 seconds into it

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if you ever try to befriend me and you expect to be in frequent contact with me i am so sorry. i do that with maybe two people and even then i often go days or weeks withouts saying anything before talking daily for a while. 

the point is if we dont talk that doesnt mean i dont like u and think about u a lot im just terrible at maintaining close relationships


I know what I am. Like I can see my dead son standing right behind you; I know he’s not real, but the monster, i t  i s  r e a l.

school starts tomorrow and i hate everything


look at his cute human face (▰˘◡˘▰)

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9x06 - “Heaven Can’t Wait”

spn ladies meme | 10 one-off characters [2/10]

↳ Kali
Artist: Keaton Henson
Album: Birthdays
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can we talk about how pretty season 7 dean is?

actually all seasons 1 through 9.  and 10, 11, 12, 13, etc.