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there's something tragic
in the way an angel can fall
and give up everything for a human
and also something tragic
in the way the fallen regret
when everything comes to an end. (a.s)


Women of Supernatural Challenge

Favourite female character who’s been in more than one episode: Jo Harvelle

#jo harvelle    #spn    

#dean winchester    #spn    



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this network is for everyone who was personally victimized after seeing demon!dean’s various actions (his saunter especially) in the s10 sneak peek

how to join
  • mbf me (i’m not that bad i swear)
  • reblog this (likes are fine for bookmarking only)
  • no survey bc they’re icky 
  • you have until august 5th to enter
  • the first 10-15 members will be chosen soon after
  • 30 notes or this disappears
what i'm looking for
  • you have to love demon!dean ofc
  • can be multifandom but supernatural has to be main
  • have a cool theme and a tagging system is nice
  • if you make things that’s cool too! 
network perks
  • help with just about anything (html, promos, graphics, gifs)
  • friends!!!!!!!! uwu
  • a potential follow from the other members
  • a spot on the network page
  • tag stuff with the network tag for potential reblogs from members
  • a chat to talk about how demon!dean’s saunter ruined your life
if accepted
  • i will message you welcoming you to the chat and ask for your email
  • i will also ask for a an icon and short description 
  • track the tag #demondeansaunternet
  • check out the other members blogs, maybe follow
  • add link to network page somewhere on your blog

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#jo harvelle    #spn    

3.5k Promo!


OMG I just hit 3.5k so let’s do a promo to celebrate!

  • must be following me
  • reblog the thing
  • mutuals, faves, +f
  • unlimited until Sunday

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hey friends welcome to my august botm i had a ton of fun the first time i did a botm and i have a lot of free time this month so i figured why not? um…enter enter enter wooh

ew rules
  • mbf yours truly
  • reblog the post!!
  • you can like if you want but likes don’t count as entries so it’s up to you?
  • must be an spn or mainly spn blog
  • must have some sort of tagging system
  • that’s it!!!!! yaY!

good luck & reblog reblog guys let’s not make me look like an idiot!! 

#botm for ts    

so i just hit 2k and to celebrate i’ve decided (with the help of you guys of course) to do my first tumblr awards aaahhhhhh yesijreglkrlfk;dsclxz.


  • mbf me
  • reblog this post, you can like to bookmark but it will not count as an entry
  • must reach like 50 notes or i’ll cry a lot
  • spn blogs only but multifandom is okay


the we are the natural order award (best url) 

the good morning vietnam award (best updates tab)

the i’m a painted whore award (best icon)

the it’s funnier in enochian award (best sidebar)

the bitch jerk award (best graphics)

the i’m proud of us award (best writing)

the i think i’m adorable award (best theme)

the family don’t end in blood award (nicest blogger)

the driver picks the music award (best playlist)

the i’d rather have you award (best destiel)

the never in fact homeless award (overall favorite)


winners will receive:

  • +f if not already
  • a place in my updates tab for a month
  • 2 promos upon request
  • a ficlet upon request (you can send me your ships and prompts)
  • my eternal love and friendship 

runner-ups will receive:

  • +f if not already
  • a place in my updates tab for a month
  • 1 promo upon request
  • my eternal love and friendship



heeeey remember when I made a follow forever ages a month ago??? I decided that since I hit a milestone (2k what the heck) and met some super lovely people within the past month or so that I’d update the list uwu

there’s a shit ton of mutuals on here so I just decided to italicize favorites instead (but seriously all of you are great)

extreme hella rad cuties

the cause of my stucky feels | supreme nerd | moosey | soul twin | ginger hottie | my gold digging fiance/wife (ew) | babefriend | american buddy | the brave soul who went to (math) hell and back


abaddoh | abaddonless | addictcastiel | alcoholsam | archangeldean | awdean | babyintrenchcoat | balletcas bottomingdeanbootyliciousdeanboldcastiel | bowlegdeanbleedingrace | bradburythequeenbrokendeean | caskissescasowl | castielswings | catastrophicaschevroletdeandanistiel | darlingsammy | deanablaze | deangatory | deanliriumdeanostalgia | deanscuddly | deargadreeldetoxdean | dilfmishadumplingdean | elviscastielendingcas endversecas | eroticsamewdean


fadingcastielfierydean | feistymegflirtydean | foolishcasfragilesammy | freckledcasfreewillsam | fuckingadreelfucknovak | fugitivedean | gadreeldiesgalxycas gazetiel | hailgabriel | hailgadreelhardercas | harderdean | hipstercas holsterdean | hostofheavenhowldeanhufflepuffdean | imperfectcas | impurecasivorycas | jealousdean jesswinchster | jimmynovaks | kingdomcaskevinfreakingsolo | kevinsollo 


lawschoolsam | legenddeanloyalcastiel | loverdean | lovesdeanlucifcr | lumoscas | lunestael mercycas | mercydean | mintmisha | mishasmoansmoancas | modestdean | moondoorqueen nosignofwings | novachesterobsidiandean | officialcharvelle | officialdestielorgycastiel | padabeanie | padaleckhiprecioussammy | pridedeanprotectdean | punkdestielpunkishcaspunkmeg | purifysamqueenabaddon


radioactivedean | rescuecas resurrectingdeanresurrectedsam | riqhteousman | rocknrolldeansamandreelsamifeur | samfallen | samjjess | sassrubyscornedsamscottmycall | sexcastiel sextdean | sexygabrielsexygadreel | silkmisha | sinfuldean | singerdeanslutjensen snarkydeanstarlitcas | starrycas | starwarsdeanstormydean | stormynovak | supportsam | toughsamtrustingcas | trustsammyundyingdeanunholyseraphs | vexedcas | vodkacas | vodkadean | wehdigo whimstiel | winkydean | wintercastiel |  worthitapplepie | zeppelincas 

I’ve probably forgotten a ton of blogs but literally each and every one of you are hella


thank you omg <3

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im so sorry for the graphic just ignore it. okay so i said i would do a tumblr awards at 1.5k (its late but shhh)


  • mbf me
  • reblog PLEASE NO LIKES
  • must reach 40? please guys
  • 1 winner, 1 runner up per category
  • ends august 28th


  • best theme
  • best url
  • best posts
  • best original content
  • best supernatural
  • best multifandom
  • best overall

tbh i will probs add more


  • promo on announcement
  • unlimited promos for 2 weeks (just tell me when you want one)
  • help with blog rates/polls/anything
  • spot on my updates tab and winners page when i finish it
  • lots of friendship and love ♥ 


  • promo on announcement
  • 3 promos across 2 weeks
  • spot on my updates tab and winner page
  • help with anything
  • lots of friendship and love ♥ 

good luck to everyone!

#ta for ts    


hey guys I hit 3k so I’m doing my first solo tumblr awards (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Mbf this cas lover

Reblog this post (can like to bookmark but would prefer if ya didn’t)

Must get 30 notes or Leviathan!Cas takes over the world

Ends July 31st need to get it done before gishwhes starts

Must send me chocolate in the mail I mean what


In the Beginning Award (best URL)

Free to be You and Me Award (best icon)

On the Head of a Pin Award (best theme)

Hammer of the Gods Award (best updates tab)

Sacrifice Award (best sidebar)

The Man Who Would Be King Award (best domain)

Hunteri Heroici Award (nicest blogger)

My Heart Will Go On Award (best playlist)

Free to be You and me Award (best deancas blog)

Swan Song Award (overall winner)


Winners & Runners up get a place in my updates tab for a month

My eternal love

Winners will receive a ficlet based on a prompt of their choice

Promos (Winners- two; Runner Ups- one)

There will be one winner and two runner ups for each category!

Contact me if you have any questions


it’s summer! we’ve got our hats on backwards and it’s time to fuckin’ party for some tumblr awards!!! ((sorry for the shitty gif))

  • mbf dean and sam
  • reblogs only, likes mean no pie
  • must reach 75 notes or this dies like kevin tran :(((
  • spn blogs or multifandom blogs who post spn
  • must be hella rad (you’ve got that one covered)

the bela talbot award - best url
the jo harvelle award - best icon
the castiel award - best theme
the abaddon award - best domain
the impala award - best sidebar
the kevin tran award - best graphics*
the chuck shurley award - best writer*
the team free will award - best supernatural 
the lisa braeden award - best dean!girl
the jessica moore award - best sam!girl
the charlie bradbury award - best destiel
the becky rosen award - best wincest
the ghostfacers award - best multifandom
the winchester award - best overall
the garth fitzgerald iv award - nicest blogger
the jody mills award - rising blogger**
the sam winchester award - deb’s favorite
the dean winchester award - michaela’s favorite

*= submit deb a link to your work
**= 500 followers or less, send one of us an ask

winners will receive

  • +f from both of us (if not already)
  • spot on our blogs for a long ass time
  • two ficlet requests (one from michaela one from deb)
  • one gif request (from deb)
  • one edit request (from michaela)
  • group promo upon announcement
  • promos on request
  • our eternal love and friendship
  • ice cream and pie

runners-up will receive***

  • +f from both of us (if not already)
  • spot on our blogs a long ass time
  • group promo upon announcement
  • 3 promos on request
  • our eternal love and friendship
  • ice cream and pie
  • ends August 17th
  • winners will be picked and posted between August 18th-20th
  • ***we’ll add a runner up to each category if this post gets 100 notes
  • 2 runners up if this post gets 150 notes
  • okay that’s it, loves (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

#ta for ts    

sexcastiel » deanendverse

July 31st    + 3

It’s hard not to feel broken
when it’s always quiet enough
to hear your pieces rattle.